Meet Erin

Erin Burkhardt Grant

Yoga Instructor

After graduating from Arizona State University, where I completed my BS in Kinesiology, I moved to LA where I built a thriving private training and yoga practice. I took my first 200 hour yoga certification with YogaWorks in 2010, and decided to dive even deeper and complete a 500 hour Teacher Training with Modo Yoga in 2014. The following year I took the Modo Yoga Flow Training and completed the Yin Yoga and Functional Anatomy training with Joe Barnett. Following this calling to heal, I completed all four Usui Reiki courses and became a Certified Western Usui Reiki Master Teacher. I offer private yoga and Reiki sessions


My Philosophy

Each time we step onto our mat is a moment that we decide we want to connect to ourselves on a deeper level. A moment in time we are giving ourselves to nurture, to listen and to lead with our hearts. I truly believe we hold the power to heal ourselves through movement, breath and energy work. We create space for our body, mind and spirit to align, balance and experience truth. By strengthening our connection to our intuition and our innate wisdom we are able to release our light from a place of confinement, stuck in our own limiting beliefs, doubts and fears, and into a place of freedom.