The Idea of The Light Orchard

I was inspired to create The Light Orchard while visiting some friends in Lake Michigan a couple summers ago. During our visit at a peach orchard, I was enamored with the beautiful simplicity, the perfect process of life and how everything was connected. I immediately pictured this orchard producing glowing light bulbs from where the peaches were emerging. Representing a host of inspired ideas or innovated “ah ha” moments in our lives. We ALL have an orchard to propagate. Everything is connected. Everything is important.

Dalton & Erin

Dalton Grant

More About Dalton

Erin Burkhardt Grant

The Light Orchard Family

Dalton, Erin, Harlow and Rocco live just up the street from TLO in the Hollywood Hills. Erin makes rad Mala necklaces and bracelets, invents delicious soups, teaches silky yoga classes and manages the whole show. Dalton writes the Orchard letters every week, practices Muay Thai, writes songs, teaches yoga and is very grateful that Erin is organized. Harlow is a baby and she’s freaking perfect. Rocco… ummmmm… Rocco… he… ruins everything.  Wait! Rocco protects the family from the threats of the outside world. Not one Amazon driver or mailman has attacked the house since his arrival. Other than that, he just barks and poops a lot. 


Frequently Asked Questions

An “All Access” membership grants you access to the whole show! Over 300 on demand classes anywhere from a 20 min stretch session to a 75 min butt kicker. Chilled out “Slow and Steady” classes, 30 min full body flows, gooey vibey yin experiences and classic sweaty TLO flows. All Access Pass members receive links to 4 live Zoom classes a week because we all know that sometimes we need that accountability to get on the mat. You’ll also be on the mailing list for all upcoming live events and retreats so you’ll be in the know for all the kick ass stuff as it comes out. Live Zoom classes, a huge on demand library to practice whenever you want and all the info about what’s happening in The Orchard… All Access Pass!

All the classes are live on Zoom with two way communication so I can see everyone as they practice if they choose to keep their camera on. That way I can make adjustments to postures as we flow through class. The Zoom classes are recorded, uploaded within 24 hours (usually that same day) to the on demand library so it will be available for playback at any time after that.

We offer a free 2 week trial to all new members of The Orchard! We want people to have time to be able to get their teeth into what we do, take some classes and dig the vibe of what we’re about. 

The live in person classes are held at the new home of TLO and the coolest, vibiest training gym in Hollywood, VITRU. Class is held in the back outdoor space, covered with sails, fresh air and rad music. Classes are $25 for a drop in or students can purchase a half price 30 day/4 class pack for $50. Right now classes are every Saturday morning at 9am with more classes to be added to the schedule in the near future. 

All the classes are offered with a “scaffolding” approach. If the posture being offered is a little advanced, on a higher part of the “scaffold”, a lower scaffold is offered in order to keep students with less experience engaged in the moment. We build from the ground up. There’s always something for a member of The Orchard to do if one of the poses doesn’t suit them for whatever reason at the time. There are also short tutorials and “Slow and Steady” flows that may fit a student with a little less experience under their belts. Like we say, “It’s about the experience, not the pose.”