It’s gonna flood.

The sky parted like an angry muslin curtain being torn open by the crooked hands of Quasimodo and hurled it’s contents at Los Angeles over the past week. Like real

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Sometimes you gotta sit in the fog.

Uhhhh… ummmm… could I please get a bean and cheese burrito with a single… (insert long pause)… uhhhhh… ENCHILADA! CHEESE ENCHILADA! And another… (insert longer pause) Shredded… ummmm… wait… a…

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When you’re silent, it speaks.

My daughters battleship grey eyes perforate my gaze and bore into my heart with the ferocity of a velvet jackhammer. The moment ground to a standstill with our unspoken connection.

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We’re sparks.

Go back in your memory and think about a great period in your life. Like a really great year or a few months that were really fantastic. Mull it over.

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Press record.

Put my bag down, take out the computer and clothes, turn on the diffuser, light a candle, fill the kettle and turn it on, make a coffee, take a seat

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Run like a champion!

Traversing my way down the crowded concourse, I weave through listless travelers as they burrow their faces deep into the garden of their cell phones. Neck pillows hitchhiking atop slumped

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The cubbies are full.

My daughter’s first birthday, my daughter’s first Halloween, rehearsing and playing my first live show in almost 3 years, my wife’s 40th birthday, teaching my first live in person indoor

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Change your bass.

Each morning I pull my bike through the door, park it against the wall next to the surprisingly healthy house plant and make my way up the elderly wooden steps.

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