Meet Dalton

Dalton Grant

Yoga Instructor
In 2008 I started practicing Nichiren Buddhism and received Gohonzon the same year. I think Buddhism, particularly the school of Zen, is an unequaled compliment to yoga. Bringing presence to the moment and presence to the body. Around this same time I began practicing yoga pretty regularly. In 2012, I completed my first 500 hour teacher training with Modo Yoga in Montreal and a few months later I completed the Modo Flow Training in Kelowna, BC. I then went on to devour workshops whenever I could. I’ve had the privilege to train with some really great ones – Noah Mazé, Joe Barnett, Ray Long, Jules Mitchell, Jay Fields and Ted Grand to name a few.
Before there was yoga, there was music. I was in a band for 15 years. Loved it! I toured a bit, partied a lot and made some great music with my best friends in the world. I believe that music is the language of the soul and we all speak it. That’s why I absolutely love using it in my classes to find a direct route to the heart while connecting the mind and body, drawing ourselves closer to what needs to be felt and more immersed into the moment. 
I think yoga is a mirror for our lives. Our time on the mat can be challenging, joyous, stressful, hilarious, emotional, inspiring, frustrating and freeing… but we breathe through all of it and come out stronger at the end. That’s what I mean when I use the phrase “experiential yoga”… bring it on. How you do anything is how you do everything, so go through it on the mat so you can go through it off the mat as well. Everything’s connected.