Go back in your memory and think about a great period in your life. Like a really great year or a few months that were really fantastic. Mull it over. What memories can you get a grasp of? What scenarios are prominent? Run through the entire year or few months in your mind right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait. (sound of second hand ticking in the background)

Now, I’m guessing that it didn’t take that long to get hold of all the memories, episodes and adventures that are still accessible in your head and heart. They’ve probably turned into more of a phantasm or apparition rather than a vivid memory. More a feeling than a crystal clear re-creation in your mind. That awesome span of time distilled down to a few blips on the radar screen of our minds. A mere spark off the fuse of eternity. This life we’re all living right now, in this moment, is a spark as well. It flashes in a micro second like a furious scream made of fire. It cares as much about the hands of time as the wind does about the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

All our past triumphs, disasters and mundane afternoons all get stirred into this spark. They become a metaphysical memory living in the indescribable ether of our present moment. Memories live in our body and our body is living only in the present so… our entire lives, from the beginning to you reading this, are existing only RIGHT NOW. There is no past that truly exists. Our “forever” is a spark. A flash of energy to be enjoyed like fireworks in the night sky. Eyes wide open in order to bathe in their fiery sacrifice. Life and death happening practically simultaneously. Impossible to tell where one starts and the other begins. Shit, as far as the universe is concerned, the Milky Way is a freaking spark, let alone our tiny lives.

This life is tiny if we live in the past and the present is a magnificent light show if we allow it to explode all around us. This whole thing is happening now, all of it. We are sparks leaping off the flint of existence so… burn, baby, burn.

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