It’s gonna flood.

The sky parted like an angry muslin curtain being torn open by the crooked hands of Quasimodo and hurled it’s contents at Los Angeles over the past week. Like real

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Don’t skimp

I’ve been wearing the same pair of running shoes for years now. I finally bought a new pair after I was having trouble telling if I was wearing shoes or completely freaking barefoot. The

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Leave it!

As I load my daughter in the Ergobaby carrier on my chest, she coos like a giggling dove about to take flight in anticipation of our coming adventure out into

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How would you rate your experience?

In a few words, describe the reason you’re calling. You could say things like, “Account activity”, “What’s my balance?” Or… Representative! To get you to the right person, I just

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A while back when we were still allowed to catch a cold and not think we were going to die or kill our grandparents, I got a pretty bad one

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Accidents happen?

The darkness nuzzles it’s shoulder into every corner of the room. The noise machine and air cleaner hum their lonely tune. The buttery concoction of sound and shadow has worked

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Maybe it’s time to cross

Over the Christmas holiday we packed up the whole tribe and went to my wife’s parent’s house in Joshua Tree. It’s way colder there than in Los Angeles so we

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Postcards from the Capitol.

What do I say? What do I talk about? Yoga? The alignment of the medial arch and the engagement of tibialis anterior inside triangle pose? Some cute happening that I

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