It’s gonna flood.

The sky parted like an angry muslin curtain being torn open by the crooked hands of Quasimodo and hurled it’s contents at Los Angeles over the past week. Like real

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I can’t write!

The tip of the Paper Mate medium rolls across the paper with all the poise of an octopus attempting to free itself from quicksand. (The Paper Mate medium… the people’s

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Sip your tea.

As the willow tree wriggles skyward to sip the sun, the wind slinks through it’s flowers in order to scratch it’s own back. Leaning against the trunk, the Buddha master

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There’s magic in a blue ball.

The wooly blue ball careens across the floor bouncing off the fridge and then it’s whacked back toward the dryer where it came from by an extra chubby hand, while being

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Do what you’re doing.

“I just ate poop!” “What!?” “I think I just ate poop. I need your help.” This was a real life exchange I had with my wife yesterday. I was running out the

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Just start.

The Target bags lilting over my work backpack with the sophisticated balance of a free-solo mountain climber. I’ve tucked the Gelson’s bags onto the floor of the passenger seat while

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What’s your ceremony?

The beans do their final ecstatic medium roasted dance, popping up and down as they wait their turn to eventually be pulled down into the grinder, soon to be perfectly

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Who’s got the time?

The baby’s made a bee line for the dog’s food and water bowls. Crawling across the floor at an expeditious rate. With the breakneck ferocity of a professional athlete in

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Chutes and Ladders

There are different kinds of animals  And different kinds of plants.  There are different kinds of ice cream.  And different kinds of ants.    There are different kinds of yoga

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Do hard things.

Sweat diving headfirst into my gi (or as my wife calls it, “your karate outfit”) like a schoolbus full of kids being let out to the public pool on the

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