It’s gonna flood.

The sky parted like an angry muslin curtain being torn open by the crooked hands of Quasimodo and hurled it’s contents at Los Angeles over the past week. Like real

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Screw you, Johnny Lawrence!

I love me some smelly candles. They’re lit in our house 365 days a year. Tobacco Sage? Yep. Salted Driftwood? Yep. Wild Cedarwood? Yep. You name it. Except patchouli… that’s

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The trophy case

I recently started wearing a different pair of shoes when I left the house. It just became freezing cold here in LA. I think it’s been around 70 during the

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The earth is smooth.

Short of breath, sweat, grimace, hope, forgot to breathe again, curse at the tv, sweat some more, sip, oh yeah… breathe again. This was basically my night on Tuesday night

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125 Hours

I had to go run some errands the other day, so I piled in the car and went at it. I live up in Beachwood Canyon. It’s the neighborhood under

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What’s Rocco’s deal?

My dog, Rocco, hates the dog next door. For no reason. I mean, he goes bananas with just a whiff of him walking by the house. Bananas! It’s inexplicable. My

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